With love and respect for nature and its beauty, together with passion to design and create the ultimate natural skin products, we proudly introduce the truly inspiring, family owned company, Organic Rituals Handcrafted Skin Care.

 Each and every one of our products is handcrafted with wholesome, natural, and organic ingredients formulated, manufactured, and packaged by our very own family. Committed to providing holistic, natural products, our products contain unrefined, certified organic oils and butters, and certified organic, high therapeutic grade essential oils. Our beautiful skin care products are designed with aromatic appeal, silky soft after feel, and most importantly, every ingredient of each product is specifically chosen for its many healing benefits.  Products are made in small batches to ensure the freshness of our organic ingredients and the potency of our essential oils are delivered to our clients in each and every bottle.

 Years of research have gone into the development of each product including the careful selection of carrier oils, essential oils, and aesthetic appeal of the formula. Drawing upon her knowledge and background in holistic medicine, every product is designed and crafted by Dr. Katie Li-Broussard, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, for the healing and protective benefits it has on the skin. All products are free from phlalates, formaldehyde, parabens, petroleum based products, artificial colors and fragrances, and other harsh chemicals.

 Our Mission:  As strong believers in health, wellness, and preventative medicine, our mission is to arm our clients with knowledge and understanding to make informed and educated choices for their own health and wellness lifestyle. Organic Rituals Handcrafted Skin Care provides a healthy, trusted solution to the growing concerns of the personal care and cosmetic industry.