New Inspiration Brings New Design

New Inspiration Brings New Design

Posted by Katie Li-Broussard on 16th Apr 2016

After many hours surfing Pinterest and admiring the many fabulous store designs on Etsy, I felt Organic Rituals needed a fresh new look to reflect the new line of products launching this week. Like most small businesses, budget is limited and the necessary skills required for building a website, branding, and marketing are many times frightening. Its like standing on the edge of a black hole not sure if to simply just jump over it and move on or jump in and see where it takes you. 

Well, I jumped in!

With my handy Primera label printer, a fancy new laptop, my nifty camera, a subscription to CorelDraw, and of course some quality alone time without my beautiful children, I've spent just over 36 hours diving into that black hole and I didn't find myself on a distant unknown planet! In fact, I think I have actually managed to capture exactly was I wanted to accomplish.

My dive into the black hole has been an interesting jump full of mudslides and tumbles but I have to say, I have to give myself a big pat on the back....I did it and I love love love the new look. 

Tell me what you think, I always love hearing feed back.

Until next time,