From Rubber Duckies to Luxury Spa

From Rubber Duckies to Luxury Spa

Posted by Katie Li-Broussard on 19th Apr 2016

In my house, bath time is usually reserved for my little guy where I typically feel like I'm wrestling an alligator. As I hang over the side of the tub soaking wet and exhausted, the relationship with my tub as a glorious spa oasis is far from my reality. However, every once in a while, there's nothing better than making the time to spend a few minutes soaking away the days tension in a hot bath. I turn off the lights to block out the array of scattered bath toys and if I'm feeling super fancy, I even light a single tea light candle for ambiance, or to see just enough to avoid stepping on a squeaking bath toy.

Then just before I get into my fancy at home spa get up, I throw in a healthy handful or two of bath salts. I love my salts bursting with aroma from essential oils, evoking a deep sense of calm and relaxation. I let the salts dissolve while I quickly mix up my clay mask and quickly smear my paste over my face. I nearly jump into the bath, knowing my party might be crashed at any moment. Then I soak, and I breath. I breathe in the intoxicating aromas that fill my oasis and for a moment, I truly escape all realities. 

Our new collection of Bath Salts feature 3 unique and beautifully aromatic blends of essential oils and reflect our family's favorites. For myself, I love the joyfully intoxicating and exotic aroma of ylang ylang and sweet orange. I love having the eucalyptus and mint on hand for easing cold symptoms and sore muscles, or for detoxifying. And the lavender is such a comforting aroma that I always add to the baths of my little ones. 

Hope you all love the new collection!