For all the Beautiful Mom's in Airdrie, Alberta

Posted by Katie Li-Broussard on 29th Apr 2016

My family and I have lived in this beautiful city for the last 10 years. It is our home. Not only have we dug our roots in a place where the community is strong and devoted to raising family, but it is a place where the community shows fierce support towards small, local grassroot businesses.

The response from our home town in the launching our line in the local Nutters brought me to tears of gratitude and gave me a renewed energy to build my family's little business. 

I have witnessed this show of support first hand. As a true Airdrieonian, I too am always ready to hoot my horn about another Airdrieonian's business. This is why I'm so totally excited to join in on a Mother's Day Facebook Contest that features a handful of local businesses. These businesses have heart and character. Most likely many of you even know the faces that warmly welcome you at these places of business. And more times than not, may run into you, offering a friendly wave at the supermarket. I just love Airdrie, this place I call home.

For Mother's Day, I want to show the Mom's of Airdrie how much I recognize your support and loyalty with a fun contest to win some really cool things from some really cool local businesses. Make sure to check out the contest post on our facebook page and enter to win what these very talented and amazing ladies are giving away!