Aromatic Bath Salts

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Add desired amount of bath salts to warm water and soak. Great as a post massage soak.

Enhance your ritual of bathing with our mineralizing blend of genuine Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan Pink salt, and Epsom Salts. The well known therapeutic benefits of this salt blend can ease sore muscles and tension as the aromatic benefits of pure essential oils fortifies relaxation by calming the senses and clearing the mind.


Available in 4 unique selections:

Unscented - Infuse this beautiful blend of salts with your favorite essential oils or use on its own. Makes for a wonderful baby gift.

Ylang Ylang & Sweet Orange - An intoxicating, delicate aroma of ylang ylang, cedarwood, and sweet orange were skilfully selected for their known benefits to aid in relaxation and to lift the spirits. Organic lavender buds, rose petals, and calendula add to the beauty of this bath salt blend.

Eucalyptus & Mint - Known for their detoxifying and purifying properties, crisp rosemary is perfectly blended with fresh lemongrass and eucalytus essential oils. B.C. Glacial Clay and a pinch of organic calendula flowers are incorporated to further enhance the benefits of this bath salt blend.

Classic Lavender - Lavender is one of the most recognized essential oils known for an array of benefits both physically and emotionally. The comforting aroma of pure Lavender essential oil and organic lavender buds create this perfectly blended classic bath salt.


 Contains 500 g